CrowdFlower Tasks

The internet is full of ways to make money for free. One of the best ways is with CrowdFlower tasks. These are little jobs you perform from the comfort of your home on a computer connected to the internet. You can do this from anywhere in the world. the money really adds up and there are tasks available everyday. The only tough decision is what partner site to use. You see CrowdFlower deploys it’s task through partner sites called channels. Choosing the right site is easy because we have used many and we bring you a list of the best.

  1. is open to almost every country and they pay you fast with a low $1.00 minimum.
  2. has world wide membership and many easy PTC ads as well as CrowdFlower tasks.
  3. is open to many countries and has a weekly CrowdFlower contest and bonuses everyday.
  4. has great support, low minimum,daily surveys and a large selection of tasks.
  5. has great rates on it’s tasks and fast payments.
  6. has contests and quick payments.
  7. is a favorite for taskers who want instant payment via gift card codes.

We have used and been paid from all the CrowdFlower Channel sites listed. Join with confidence and give CrowdFlower tasks a try, it’s all free.