Monthly Archive: November 2015

CrowdFlower Tasks for More Money

Did you know that you could be doing CrowdFlower Tasks for more cash? It’s true that different sites pay different amounts for completing the same tasks. The amount can differ vastly, you might be able to make double the money for your CrowdFlower jobs on a new site compared to your old one.

If you aren’t using one of the CrowdFlower Tasks sites I list below, you might be losing out on money. All of these sites pay top dollar for completing CrowdFlower Tasks, many also have contests and bonuses for completing jobs.

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  2. The CrowdFlower site that allows the most countries and has the most PTC as well is
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We hope you will now earn a lot more money for your hard work on completing CrowdFlower tasks, every site listed is top quality and pays members fast.