Monthly Archive: February 2015

CrowdFlower Tasks Channels

The best CrowdFlower Channels can be found on a few different rewards sites. Not every site is created equal, some pay more per task, some have great contests and bonuses and some have neither. Also some sites are only open to certain countries. Our mission is to give you information about the best CrowdFlower Channel sites.

  1. is a great all around GPT site with CrowdFlower tasks that pay well. The registration is open to most countries. There are also contests that include tasks and you can earn more money from them.
  2. is great because it is open to all countries. They also have PTC for everyone as well as other earning opportunities.
  3. has the best contests and bonuses for completing CrowdFlower tasks. They are open to many countries but not all. PayPal and amazon codes are the payment options.
  4. has the most instant gift cards available and a CrowdFlower contest, registration is limited to a handful of countries.
  5. offers the highest pay per task of any CrowdFlower Channel site. You can get paid via Paypal and a few gift code options.

You can’t go wrong with the above sites, they all pay fast without hassles. Registration is an easy process, these CrowdFlower channel sites also have great support.