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New CrowdFlower Task Sites

Completing CrowdFlower tasks is a great way to make money online. There are many sites that offer these tasks. Choosing the right site for you is important. I have joined every GPT and PTC site that has CrowdFlower tasks that I could find. I am going to give you some important information about the sites that i feel are the best to use. These sites also offer more ways to make money as well and I will give you some information about that as well. – This site was established in 2007. Registration is open to all countries. They have a very active community of members that numbers in the millions. They have paid out millions of dollars. They have CrowdFlower tasks as well as surveys,PTC,registration offers,download offers,paid to watch videos a clix grid game and more. The minimum payout for non upgraded members is $8.00 and for premium upgraded members it is $6.00. The payment methods available are PayPal,Payza,Netteller,PayToo,TangoCard and Check. – This site is open to most countries. They have CrowdFlower tasks available and it’s one of the popular ways members of this site earn money. They also earn money from the 21 offer walls and the many new direct offers added to the site daily. The minimum withdrawal is only $1.00. The payment options available are PayPal,E-Check,Direct Deposit and over 100 Gift Card choices including Visa Virtual Credit Cards, Amazon codes,Walmart,Domino’s,Apple,Google Play and about 100 more. You get Paid via PayPal instantly and also the gift cards are instant too. – This site is open to most countries. They offer many ways to earn money including CrowdFlower tasks. This website has some unique features like a rewards program that gives you badges as you progress with your experience points. You gain experience from doing most things and as you gain badges they usually come with rewards as well in the form of free cash and higher earnings. They also pay you to transcribe text off of images, like photos of business cards, I have not seen this on any other CrowdFlower site. The minimum cash out is $1.00 for USA and UK, all other countries have a 50 cent minimum.

These 3 websites are really good, they are currently my favorite websites to complete CrowdFlower tasks, they all pay you on time and they have many ways to get paid as well as many ways to make money. They also have contests and bonus promotions. Thanks for reading my blog,

CrowdFlower Tasks for More Money

Did you know that you could be doing CrowdFlower Tasks for more cash? It’s true that different sites pay different amounts for completing the same tasks. The amount can differ vastly, you might be able to make double the money for your CrowdFlower jobs on a new site compared to your old one.

If you aren’t using one of the CrowdFlower Tasks sites I list below, you might be losing out on money. All of these sites pay top dollar for completing CrowdFlower Tasks, many also have contests and bonuses for completing jobs.

  1. The best of the best has to be , they have CrowdFlower contests and bonuses along with point booster bonuses, PTC, Videos, Surveys and more ways to earn cash.
  2. The CrowdFlower site that allows the most countries and has the most PTC as well is
  3. There are great rates and contests for CrowdFlower completions on

We hope you will now earn a lot more money for your hard work on completing CrowdFlower tasks, every site listed is top quality and pays members fast.

Best Bonuses and CrowdFlower Contests

We have found that has the best bonuses and contests for completing CrowdFlower tasks. If you are from a country not accepted on MePrizes then we suggest as a great alternative.

Here are some of the bonuses and contests available on Meprizes for completing CrowdFlower tasks.

  • Weekly CrowdFlower Contest
  • Weekly Everything Counts Contest
  • 15 Point Bonus for every 100 Points earned on Crowdflower
  • CrowdFlower Counts in The Daily Bonuses also

When you factor in all the bonus cash available, it makes the best CrowdFlower Channel on the internet. Low $1 Minimum, Fast Same Day Payments.


CrowdFlower Tasks Channels

The best CrowdFlower Channels can be found on a few different rewards sites. Not every site is created equal, some pay more per task, some have great contests and bonuses and some have neither. Also some sites are only open to certain countries. Our mission is to give you information about the best CrowdFlower Channel sites.

  1. is a great all around GPT site with CrowdFlower tasks that pay well. The registration is open to most countries. There are also contests that include tasks and you can earn more money from them.
  2. is great because it is open to all countries. They also have PTC for everyone as well as other earning opportunities.
  3. has the best contests and bonuses for completing CrowdFlower tasks. They are open to many countries but not all. PayPal and amazon codes are the payment options.
  4. has the most instant gift cards available and a CrowdFlower contest, registration is limited to a handful of countries.
  5. offers the highest pay per task of any CrowdFlower Channel site. You can get paid via Paypal and a few gift code options.

You can’t go wrong with the above sites, they all pay fast without hassles. Registration is an easy process, these CrowdFlower channel sites also have great support.

CrowdFlower Tasks

The internet is full of ways to make money for free. One of the best ways is with CrowdFlower tasks. These are little jobs you perform from the comfort of your home on a computer connected to the internet. You can do this from anywhere in the world. the money really adds up and there are tasks available everyday. The only tough decision is what partner site to use. You see CrowdFlower deploys it’s task through partner sites called channels. Choosing the right site is easy because we have used many and we bring you a list of the best.

  1. is open to almost every country and they pay you fast with a low $1.00 minimum.
  2. has world wide membership and many easy PTC ads as well as CrowdFlower tasks.
  3. is open to many countries and has a weekly CrowdFlower contest and bonuses everyday.
  4. has great support, low minimum,daily surveys and a large selection of tasks.
  5. has great rates on it’s tasks and fast payments.
  6. has contests and quick payments.
  7. is a favorite for taskers who want instant payment via gift card codes.

We have used and been paid from all the CrowdFlower Channel sites listed. Join with confidence and give CrowdFlower tasks a try, it’s all free.